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 You will get 60% for first payment and 60% for all rebills made by your users.

 (*New)You will get 10% from referrals earnings.

PS: Reseller Sales same for PPS(60/60).

*We will give €300 to the top three please if All Asia traffic PPS uploader for rewarding.(Click here)

1-50 MB€ 4€ 3 € 1€ 1
50-100 MB€ 5€ 4€ 2€ 1
100-250 MB€ 8€ 6 € 3€ 2
250-500 MB€ 10€ 8 € 3 € 2
500-8192 MB€ 20€ 10 € 4€ 3

*Country Groups :

A. Germany, United Kingdom, United States, France, Saudi Arabia+

B. Italy, Kuwait, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Qatar, Sweden, Singapore, Israel, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Spain+

C. Latvia, Japan, Malaysia, Oman, Poland, Portugal, Russian Federation, South Africa, Luxembourg, Korea, Republic of, Hungary, Argentina, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Greece, Turkey+, Ukraine+, Brazil+, Egypt+, Taiwan+

D. All Others

* Per 1,000 files downloaded.

*We want to give Taiwan traffic PPD uploader great prices(Group C)

*We hope to let Taiwan to be a big market,We hope you benefit from it and long-term cooperation(You need to have sales).

*If your sales are too few and at the same time you use Mirror(more hosting),we will force to chang it to PPS or make a reduction.

*You can have A and B plan Account,but you only can use one of them at the same time. And you only can use the same Account at the same sharing-link page.

*TW and HK uploader"News"!

This affiliate program is for artists, developers or publishers to easily share their work over the internet.

Rules and Conditions
1. Please do not upload copyrighted and child porn files.

2. We count every complete download. For any anonymous and free users that download from JumboFile, we count unique IP every 24 hour period of time.

3. Payments are made via PayPal and Webmoney, minimum payout is €30. Payouts are sent at maximum 2 weeks from payment request.

4. Downloads count from all countries around the world.

5. Don't try to download your files using proxies. We are checking all downloads before sending the payments.

6. Manipulation of our system in any way will result in you being disqualified and your account being banned.

7. We'll pay PPS user commission for every new member who follows your affiliate link and signs up to JumboFile Premium,In addition to regular referrals, you will be credited as the referrer of any new member who signs up immediately after downloading one of your files.

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